2017 NSF NHERI WOW EF User Workshop

The NHERI Wall of Wind (WOW) Experimental Facility (EF) hosted a one and a half day user workshop at Florida International University. The focus of the workshop was to:

  1. Provide researchers with information on the capabilities of the NHERI WOW EF for advanced natural hazard engineering research
  2. Detail the three main types of tests (aerodynamic/aeroelastic, destructive and wind-driven rain) conducted at the NHERI WOW EF and the required preparation for performing multi-scale tests
  3. Discuss recent advancements in experimental and numerical research in natural hazard mitigation
  4. Provide a platform for research collaboration and idea exchange between workshop participants
  5. Explore opportunities to utilize the NHERI WOW EF

This onsite workshop provided faculty members with valuable information about the resources available at the NHERI WOW EF, services provided by the EF staff to the users of the facility and how to increase their success rate in obtaining NSF funding for natural hazards mitigation research. Also, the workshop included a tour of the facility, live test demonstration and two keynote talks by the experts of the field. The first talk, presented by Dr. Ahsan Kareem, targeted the “Role of NHERI EFs and SimCenter in Developing and Validating Computational and Numerical Modeling Techniques” and the second talk, presented by Dr. Peter Irwin, discussed the “Role of the NHERI WOW EF in Advancing Fundamental and Multidisciplinary Research on Natural Hazards Mitigation.”

2016 NSF NHERI WOW EF User Workshop

The 2016 NSF NHERI WOW EF User Workshop was held on Nov 18th, 2016 in Florida International University. The workshop provided participants with valuable information about the capabilities of the NHERI WOW EF, user services provided by the EF, the process for accessing NSF funding for EF use, and the science plan and major themes for the NHERI WOW EF. In addition, the workshop participants witnessed a live destructive test demonstration involving concrete roof pavers.

This workshop attracted more than 30 researchers from several universities spread all over the country with diverse research interests spanning from fluid mechanics and wind energy, to structural engineering.

FIU 2016 Workshop


Joint FIU and UF Experimental Facility Workshop

The joint FIU and UF NHERI Experimental Facility Workshop was held on December 3rd-4th, 2015. The workshop provided information about the capabilities of the FIU and UF’s EFs, as well as user services provided, accessing NSF funding for EF use, the science plans, and opportunities for networking with fellow researchers to propose guidance and long-term strategies for optimal use of these EFs developing collaborative programs, and initiating proposals.

FIU and UF NHERI Experimental Facilities have complementary capabilities that offer the wind hazard research community access to full-scale experimental testing of holistic system and component performance, as well as scale model wind load quantification.

A recording of the workshop is available here: mediaweb.fiu.edu/Mediasite/Play/3f9cb23a3d514b4291f3c113ee9359fa1d

FIU Joint Workshop