Upcoming Events

Research Planning Workshop

NHERI Wall of Wind (WOW) Experimental Facility (EF) is currently accepting requests from faculty (potential EF users) to attend Research Planning Workshops, throughout the year, at the WOW EF in Miami, FL.

The Research Planning Workshops are designed for individuals and smaller groups (2-3) to help them determine the best way to engage with the WOW facility while developing NSF proposals. This one-day workshop can be scheduled any time of the year. The main focus of these workshops is to:

  1. Help potential EF users in developing the experimental section of their individual or collaborative NSF proposals in a one-on-one setup with the EF team
  2. Provide researchers with information on the capabilities of the NHERI WOW EF to advance natural hazard engineering research
  3. Provide a tour of the NHERI WOW EF and describe the three main types of multi-scale tests (aerodynamic/aeroelastic, destructive and wind-driven rain) conducted at the NHERI WOW EF
  4. Discuss the NHERI Science Plan and recent advancements in experimental and numerical research in natural hazard mitigation
  5. Help users to explore opportunities to utilize the NHERI WOW EF for NSF projects, including but not limited to, projects focusing on validating computational fluid dynamics and other numerical simulation methods


There is no registration fee, however, participation and financial support are limited. For more information about this workshop, contact Maryam Refan (mrefan@fiu.edu).

Live Streaming of Experiments at the NHERI WOW EF

The NHERI WOW EF is committed to community outreach activities that promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). As part of this commitment, the WOW EF uses a system of high definition cameras to live stream experiments that are performed at the facility throughout the year.

Upcoming Tests:
Table below shows the schedule of upcoming tests that will be streamed live.

Test Description



Large-scale testing for wind load measurements on an elevated building (Instrumentation: Pressure Scanners and Load Cells)

June 16, 2017

9:45-10:30am EDT

Large-scale testing on wind uplift of roof pavers

June 26, 2017

11am EDT

Click HERE to access the live video streaming webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that it rains, the tests may be cancelled without prior notice.